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Customer agreement www.juznivetar.net

General position

1. The www.juznivetar.net agreement defines certain rights and duties of the service Owner and User.
2. After registration, the service User fully takes on the conditions of the given agreement and is obliged to
follow the rules of the service.
3. The service Owner has a full right to cut the User's access to the service, if www.juznivetar.net rules are
not followed.
4. The Owner has the right to modify, correct and expand the agreement. The User will be notified of all
changes by e-mail. If the User does not agree with the alterations made, he must immediately end his
membership with the service on www.juznivetar.net. If the User cancels his membership later than in three
days after the notification by the Owner, he automatically agrees to continue being a member of the service.
5. The responsibility for knowing the rules lies with the User himself.
6. When using this site all legal relationships, between the parties ofthis agreement and other persons, are
regulated by this agreement andcorresponding rules of current legislation in Serbia.


In order to have access to files on the site, one has to register in www.juznivetar.net.
2. While registering the User must give his e-mail address and username.
3. The user, who indicated "Receive updating news by e-mail" gives his voluntary permission for receiving
regular updating news.
The User has the right to cancel his www.juznivetar.net membership any moment. In this case no money
will be returned to the User.


1. Payment for musical files (songs and compilations) is made through the User's personal account in
correspondence with the tariff set by the www.juznivetar.net service.
2. The User can pay money for his membership with the help of the following services:
* VISA, MasterCard/EuroCard credit cards

Rights and duties of both sides

The Service Owner has the right to:

Cut the User's access to the www.juznivetar.net service without explaining the reason.

The Service Owner takes on the duty to:

1. Respect the User's privacy and not give out his personal information.

The User takes on the responsibility to:

1. Pay for the services provided by www.juznivetar.net;
2. Not to give out one's login and password to others;
3. Keep to the rules established in this agreement.

The User has the right to:

1. Cancel his www.juznivetar.net registration any moment.
2. Stop receiving updating news by e-mail

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